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Website Design

We offer 2 approaches to your website design, and few different ways of building it. All you do is choose whether to hand over your updates to us or update the site yourself. And you can always change your mind at a later date.

Managed Updates

It’s simple, you send us the new content (words, images, links) and then we update the website.

DoItYourself Updates

More hands-on, giving you greater control, you will update your own website content; safe in the knowledge that we are available to support you

With each approach we offer ongoing support, your own domain name and standard SEO.


our website design approaches and features

Google Optimised

Your site is built with search engine optimisation in mind. There is no magic fix for SEO, it needs input from you to be as effective as possible and I guide you through that process. If you are updating the site yourself and you need help understanding what SEO is and how to increase your rankings on Google so you appear higher up the page of search results, I can guide you in what you need to do to be found more often.


We build sites that are responsive, and ready for viewing on tablets and mobile phones.
Over 65% of sites are viewed with mobile devices, so you can be sure your site is available for everyone to see.

SSL Security

We give you SSL based security on your website so your customers can be confident when using your site and because Google ranks secure sites higher, it will help you get noticed.

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Website

Your website is an important part of your business and online presence, and as such it needs to be monitored, maintained an updated regularly to ensure visitors to your site get the best experience, and to ensure they are secure.
We can provide a tailored management service for your website based on a risk analysis we'll undertake with you to identify what parts are most important and how best to support and protect them.


We can build your site on Squarespace which is one of the most popular platforms for "drag and drop" type design. We can provide you with tailored customisations and extra functionality as part of your website design. We can teach you how to update it yourself, or we can manage your updates for you.


We build websites with the ever popular WordPress and use current best practice so you know your website will look and function as you expect. And we host them on our secure servers so you know your website will be available when your visitors need it.

Portfolio of Websites

websites designed by
More Creative Time

Stephen Perkins

sculptor and painter
- Squarespace -


artist quality oil paints
- WordPress -


arts, entertainment and community centre
- Squarespace -

Autocentre Bushbury

vehicle testing and repair centre
- WordPress -

Vicki Norman

landscape and portrait artist
- squarespace -

Penelope Designs

handcrafted jewellery and bags
- squarespace -

And of course - our own

IT Consultancy and Web Design

Get the website you want, built the way you want it.