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Mailchimp and Email

"MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand."

-- Mailchimp website

Email marketing generates questions

Are you using Mailchimp for your email campaigns, mass-marketing or customer engagement and wondering if is is as effective as it could be?   Are you wondering why would you want to start using Mailchimp?

How do I configure mailing lists so the are as efficient as possible?  What are groups, lists and segments?

Are my campaigns as effective as possible? Are my emails being opened and are they being followed onto my website?  How do I find out who read my campaign?

Are all me emails being delivered, how can I be sure my DNS is configured correctly?

Are you using long lists of emails from your address book? Do you sometimes forget to use Bcc?

More Creative Time can help you

More Creative Time are experienced in implementing Mailchimp with and on behalf of start-ups to global brands, artists to small businesses, industrial, hospitality and retail clients and the service sector.   We can help you to create effective lists, segments and groups and ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible.

With years of experience implementing IT for customers and our approach of “listen, design, test and document” you will be sure to have all your questions answered and be delivered a email marketing tool which is right for you and how you want to work.

We also provide training on how to setup, manage and send your campaigns through mailchimp.  And we can train you remotely by sharing screens, so it can fit in with your schedule and travels.

Connect your Shop

Connect your online shop to Mailchimp to capture buyer contact details


Reports to let you discover how many people open your email and if they click through to your campaign.


Bets practice for setting up Mailchimp in the first instance to avoid problems later, and implementing best practice if you have already setup Mailchimp but finding it difficult to manage

DNS and Email setup

Help with setting up your SPF and DKIM records in DNS to ensure emails are delivered to hotmail, yahoo and gmail accounts and not blocked by their spam filters.

Speak to us to find out how we can help you get the most out of your email marketing.