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IT and Data Security

You want your environment, data and equipment to be protected and secure

Whether it is IT security in the form of firewalls, networking, anti-virus, encrypting cloud data or the physical security of your devices and equipment, with our wide experience of providing support in many areas of IT security we can survey and audit your existing IT and advise on future projects and plans.

You want your business data to be secure

Data security is not only preventing unauthorised access, it is ensuring your data is backed up in such a way that it is easy to recover a single file or a complete filesystem, and also ensuring any confidential data is erased securely. With years of experience designing backup policies and the business continuity plans underneath, we can give you confidence that your important business data is available as long as you need it to be, and is erased securely when you don’t.

More Creative Time can secure it for you

Our wide experience of supporting multiple environments, software, devices and platforms means we can provide you with confidence that your systems are as protected as they can be, and that your data is safe from deletion or accident.

  • Anti-virus
  • Malware prevention
  • Password security and management
  • Firewall
  • Data backup
  • Business Continuity
  • Encryption
  • Secure deletion

Anti Virus

Anti-virus is a key part of your IT and needs to be current and configured correctly. We support many vendors and can advise on what to install, and we can install it for you.


Malware doesn't have to be a virus, it can be a browser search plugin that redirects your data via a third party, or a keylogging utility which records every keystroke, including account and passwords details. We can configure anti-malware and anti-virus to mitigate those risks and provide advice on the best ways to update your existing software.

Password security and Management

With the number of passwords you need to hold as part of your day to day business, it can make storing them cumbersome or insecure. We can provide a variety of password management tools which make it easy to store, look-up and share your passwords. We can setup password management for a single person, or for sharing passwords between people.

Firewall and networking

Each network connection needs it's own firewall and managing them along with the network security can be cumbersome. We use industry leading firewall software and network management tools to secure your network and devices from malicious hacking attempts.

Data backup

We support a variety of backup solutions and products. From in-house backups to cloud based data replication services, we can help ensure your data is secure and always available.

Business continuity

Having a plan for what to do if you lose access to your data is critical for any business and your data security is an intrinsic part of that plan. We provide Business Continuity consultancy, and so we understand how to integrate your backups into the wider business continuity plan.


Securing your confidential data on portable media or in emails or when stored on the cloud is an important aspect of your data security and we can help you understand the different types of encryption and how the are used and to choose the best encryption methods for your business.

Secure Deletion

An often forgotten part of data security is what to do with old equipment to ensure your confidential data is not compromised, and what to do with data you no longer want to keep. Deleting is not enough, and we can explain and help you put in place the strategies and software you need to ensure your data is irrevocably erased.

Ask us to how we can help you understand and implement robust IT and data security