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IT Consultancy

Drawing on experience built up over many years from working with small businesses to large corporate entities across a range of industries, we can provide you with advice on how you can maximise the agility, capability and capacity of your IT systems in your office, manufacturing base or warehouse.

More Creative Time can help you

upgrades, future proofing, continuity, security, cost savings and more

Business Information Technology is continuously changing and adding new functionality, with better and different ways to support your business.  I can guide you into using the emerging technologies, tools, techniques and trends that could be of benefit to you or your business.

  • In practical terms we offer expert support to your existing IT systems, be it security audits, server maintenance, data integrity and backup, server consolidation.
  • From a strategic perspective we offer business community (disaster recovery) plans? We’ll deliver clear guidelines supported by in-depth research and analysis.

technical support

expert technical support and advice in

Data Integrity, security and backup

Ensure your business data is secure and protected from inadvertent deletion, corruption or malicious damage. Protecting and securing your data, your devices, servers and your networks.

Cloud and Hosting

Cloud and hosted services such as AWS, Rackspace and GoogleCloud bring great benefits, but also their own unique quirks. Ensure your cloud or hosted service is built to current best practice and can support your business.

Office 365, GSuite and Email

With experience implementing Office 365 and GSuite for large offices and small businesses, we can help you get the most benefit from and bring huge advantages to your business.

Internal IT desktops, devices and hardware

All businesses still have devices, laptops and other IT equipment within their organisation, and the WiFi and Ethernet networks to support them We can ensure the network is robust and secure enough to keep you operating, and also advise on your devices, laptops, serves and printers to ensure they can and keep on doing the work you need them to do

The bigger strategic view

how we can support your IT by putting plans and management behind your IT

From a strategic perspective we offer

  • business continuity (disaster recovery) plans to keep your business running if the worst should happen
  • requirements gathering and study documents to advise you on the best direction for your future IT based upon your short, medium and long-term plans.

We deliver these using clear guidelines and best practice underpinned by in-depth research and analysis.

With years of experience implementing IT for customers and our approach of “listen, design, test and document” you will receive the best solution, advice and guidance.

Business Continuity

We have expertise and experience in a wide range of continuity and backup solutions; thereby ensuring we will mitigate the risks to your business by delivering solutions that are robust, resilient and failsafe

Future Planning

With many years of experience investigating, scoping, planning and delivering IT projects in many sectors, we can help you to look ahead and be ready for the next phase of your short, medium or long-term plan. We can provide study documents which bring all your current and future requirements into a single space with advice on possible future directions and their associated costs.

Project delivery

project management

Project Delivery -- office move - retail roll-out - IT migrations

With experience of successfully managing IT projects including:
- one of the fastest simultaneous retail roll-out across the UK
- large Office 365 migrations
- data centre migrations
- establishing new offices for a start-up and office moves
We can bring a level of experience and expertise that will help ensure your project is delivered in a timely manner and in a way that gives you confidence in the end result.

Ask Me How

We can help you maximise the agility, capability and capacity of your IT systems

  • Looking to improve your warehouse or factory processes, we can help you install warehouse management (WMS) from an initial small pick-pack-ship station to a full roll-out
  • Are you considering using cloud services to replace you existing servers or for a new system within your business. We’ll create a custom plan for your migration to cloud that will achieve your needs and goals.
  • Do you have a project which you need assistance with to deliver it on-time, or to free up your time to focus on your core business?
  • Looking to move to hosted services and not sure which fits best for your needs? We’ll design a solution based on your current requirements and future needs.