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or how we came to be

I’m Mark Branigan and I started this IT consultancy after listening to the discussions between small business owners, professionals, artists, makers and creators.

The theme I often heard repeated when listening to and talking with other professionals, business founders, artists and creative professionals was their desire for more time to do the thing they loved; be it drive the business, concentrate on clients, paint, sculpt, draw, photograph and create. One of their common problems was the amount of time lost on setting up and maintaining the various aspects of their IT that they needed for their business…

  • an efficient stock management system
  • a well presented, coherent website
  • a social media presence
  • secure office and workplace environment
  • printers and laptops that worked
  • data security for business critical data, images, digital content


And so it formed the idea in my head to start a business helping professional people to have effective IT both online and in the workplace; an IT which would help them in their work. My unique take on this common approach to consultancy would be aiming to take away their pain away of learning new technologies, or having to talk to a myriad of different “techies” to get their warehouse, office, website, email and social media setup.

I have worked in the IT industry for twenty-five years, and in that time I have looked after small systems for small businesses with just a few people and worked in large multi-million pound national and FTSE100 companies, and most recently I was Head of IT Infrastructure for a fast moving start-up company with a nationwide reach with the fastest retail roll-out in the UK.

In all of my roles, I built, designed, supported and delivered systems and solutions; which is exactly what MoreCreativeTime.com will do for you.


These overheard discussions all came about because I’m lucky enough to travel with an impressionist painter; we tour together to her workshop venues, exhibitions, competitions and conferences.   And so I work remotely from wherever I happen to be, and use all the technology available to keep in contact and to keep you informed of progress, changes and to assist.